React WP Admin

React WP Admin

React WP Admin plugin is a basic set up for building an admin facing page in React.js. ESbuild (a fast next-generation JavaScript bundler) has been used as a bundler.

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Get started

  1. Get a copy the of plugin, either by downloading from WordPress plugins repository or simply cloning git repository of the plugin.

  2. The downloaded plugin will have react-wp-admin folder name. Rename it to your plugin name, also rename the file react-wp-admin.php to match your folder name.

  3. Change the plugin information (in react-wp-admin.php) according to your needs.

  4. Go to admin/react directory and install dependencies by running yarn.

  5. Build commands

  • yarn build - Production build
  • yarn build:dev - Development build, generates sourcemaps
  • yarn watch - Automatically runs yarn build:dev when files change


Do not modify anything outside src in react folder if you are not confident.