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Real Value
Our products are designed to deliver tangible benefits.
Easy To Use
A software or a service for humans should not be difficult to interact with.
We believe great things should not always cost a fortune.
WP Palace - v1.0.0
Your gateway to our king WordPress plugins.
Great UX
User interface has been developed using React.js to deliver a great user experience.
Permission Driven
Access to functionalities is restricted to users with specific permissions.
Single License
A single license for all premium plugins removes the hassle of managing multiple licenses.
One Spot
Installation and access to all our king plugins is available on one single page.
Services We Offer

We offer outstanding website or WordPress services, such as custom website development, support and maintenance, WordPress plugin development, website optimization and more.

Website Optimization
My website's slow performance is impacting traffic and potential sales.
Secure Website
My website got hacked, need recovery and prevention.
Blazing Fast Landing Page
I need to run a campaign so the landing page should be very fast.
Support & Maintenance
I need my website technologically up-to-date, problem-free, and add new features.
Custom Website
I need a great (user friendly, fast) website, built on WordPress or another suitable technology.
Re-build Website
I need to re-vamp my website for better user experience and performance.
Plugin Development
I need a WordPress plugin of my own idea.
Extend Plugins
I need more personalized features in your free plugins.
Theme Development
I need more personalized features in your free plugins.
WooCommerce Development
I need more personalized features in your free plugins.
White Label Work
We are an agency and seeking expert teams for white label work.
& more
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Your Website
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Does your website load like when navigating between pages or you want a website that loads not like ?
Maybe time it's for a headless website.
But wait, you might have heard the term headless in conjunction with WordPress, but that is just one of the use cases. In website development, 'headless' refers to building a dynamic frontend using modern technologies independently of any specific content management system (CMS), offering greater flexibility and scalability.
What are the benefits of a headless website?
  • Performance

    Decoupled frontend and backend in headless websites can make them faster because each part can be made to work better on its own.

  • Security

    A properly developed headless website drastically reduces the attack surface since it makes it harder for attackers to directly access the backend.

  • Scalability

    With the backend and frontend decoupled, targeted optimization, efficient caching utilization, and streamlined resource allocation contribute to significantly enhancing the website's speed.

Ready To Build a Headless Website?
What Technologies We Work With?

Below are the major technologies we work with, but we take an innovative approach and incorporate other technologies as needed to develop effective solutions.

Google Cloud
& more
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